Our advisor clients tell us they often get asked the question, “Is it better to invest in an RRSP or TFSA.” This infographic was designed to help illustrate the answer, “it depends.”

After speaking to several of our advisor clients, we settled on a format to compare registered retirement savings plans to tax free savings accounts in a visual way. The goal of the infographic was to provide enough information for the individual to understand  the difference, but would still need to contact their financial advisor to learn more.

This infographic also has a companion calculator so the advisor or individual can key in their own information to see the difference in tax free savings over the long term. This provides a more personal experience for the user. Both pieces were easy to share via social media and e-blasts.

Infographic Specifications:

  • Available to personalize for individual Advisors
  • Web-ready format
  • Available for full corporate branding

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RRSP_TFSA Infographic


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