Bookmarking in Concept Toolkit

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The Bookmarking feature lets you bookmark any page in Toolkit for quick and easy access.

  1. Click on the Bookmark button at the bottom of the Concept Toolkit screen to open the Bookmark window.
  2. Click Add Bookmark to add this screen to the bookmark list.
  3. The Add Bookmark button will appear automatically if the page has not previously been bookmarked.
  4. If the page has been previously bookmarked, then a Delete Bookmark button will appear.


  • To go to a bookmarked screen, click on the name of the screen in the Bookmarks window.
  • The pages in the Bookmarks window appear in the order that they appear in Toolkit and not in the order that they are added as bookmarks. For example, pages in the Financial Planning section will always appear at the top, followed by Investment 1 pages, Investment 2, etc.

To save your bookmarks, make sure you use the Exit button in the bottom left corner when you quit the program. If you use the “X” button in the top right corner to exit, the bookmark changes you made in your current session will not be saved.

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