We help clients communicate their story visually. Whether it’s a process, articles and trends, how a product works, or an annual report, we take your articles/information and turn them into infographics. Personalize our library of infographics or we’ll create a custom one for your needs.

Investor Profile Quiz

Investor Profile

What kind of investors are your clients? This easy to use, visual Investor Profile quiz lets clients quickly enter their information to learn more about their investing preferences and risk tolerance.

2016 Canadian Budget Infographic

Budget 2016

Discover the highlights of the 2016 Canadian Budget in this infographic. This infographic is updated annually to reflect each year’s Budget highlights.



Each year in March we provide an updated Tax Tips infographic. With CRA data, we collect income tax tips to help individuals save money and think about tax planning with their advisor.

Spend or Invest

TFSA: Spend or Invest

In January each year, many Canadians are thinking about investing, often in their RRSPs. We created this infographic to help start a conversation about investing in tax free savings accounts.


Tax Freedom Day 2015

The Fraser Institute annually calculates Tax Freedom Day in order to provide a comprehensive and easily understood indicator of the overall tax burden faced by the average Canadian family.