Planning Toolkit 9 Update – May 2015

Planning Toolkit 9 has been updated with the following information:

  • New RRIF rates announced in April 2015 federal budget are incorporated in the Retirement module.
  • You can now base the Client’s minimum RRIF payments on the age of a younger Spouse. Click on the RRIF Details button on the Reg’s Investments screen for the Client for this option.
  • The tax calculation in the Cash Flow module has been updated with 2015 marginal tax rates as of January 2015.
  • CPP/OAS benefit amounts have been updated as of June 2015.

Download Instructions for the Update

  • The full version of Planning Toolkit 9 must already be installed on your computer for this update to work. If the program is not already installed, let us know ( and we will email you links to download the full version.
  • Planning Toolkit 9 is usually installed in this folder on your computer: C:\Program Files (x86)\Planning Toolkit 9. If it is installed in a different folder or drive, you need to change “C:\Program Files (x86)” to the name of the new directory in the “Destination Directory” field on the “Choose Destination Location” screen when you run the update.

Click here to download the Planning Toolkit update.




After you complete the download and open the program, it will say “Planning Toolkit 9.5” in the top left corner of the program window.

If you have any problems completing the above download, you may need to temporarily turn off your Anti-Virus program:

  • For example, if your anti-virus program is Norton:
  • On your desktop, in the strip of icons that appear along the bottom of the screen, locate the Norton AntiVirus icon near the system clock. Hovering your mouse over an icon will show what that icon is for.
  • Right-click the Norton icon and a pop-up menu will appear.
  • Click “Disable AntiVirus Auto-Protect.” If prompted, specify the amount of time you want to disable the security program.
  • Complete the downloads
  • When you are done the download, repeat the above process and select “Enable AntiVirus Auto-Protect”.

If you need any assistance, email us at