Printing in Concept Toolkit

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Printing Single Pages

  • Click on Print Page button on any Toolkit page and the Print window will appear.
  • You can change the client name that will appear on the printout and the number of copies.

Disclaimer & Cover Page

  • You can also choose to print a disclaimer and cover page at the same time that you print a concept or calculator page.
  • Enter a title for the cover page and select “Landscape” or “Portrait” for page orientation. The page orientation ONLY applies to the cover page, not to the concept page.
  • All concept pages have fixed page orientation – most are landscape and some are portrait.

Printing Multiple Pages

  • You can print more than one page at a time by clicking on the Reports button, selecting or creating a new report and then clicking on the Print button.
  • You can enter the client’s name that you want to appear on the page and the number of copies you want to print. All of the pages in the report will print automatically.
  • You can also choose to print a cover page with your report. Enter a title for the cover page and select “Landscape” or “Portrait” for page orientation. The page orientation only applies to the cover page and not to the rest of the pages in the report.

Printing a PDF

  • Click Select Printer on the Main Menu screen.
  • Select a PDF printer from the list of available printers
  • Click Set Printer and click Yes to confirm your selection.
  • Open the screen you want to print and click Print Page and the click Print.
  • Select the folder you want to save the PDF to using the Save As window. This window may appear behind the Concept Toolkit screen so look for a flashing icon along the bottom of your desktop. Click on the icon to bring it to the front.
  • Enter a name in the File Name box and click Save.
  • Go to your email program and attach the PDF you just saved.

Page Orientation
Most of the pages in Toolkit can only be printed in Landscape mode (“sideways”). Some pages, such as the Planners and certain concepts and calculators can only be printed in Portrait. Changing your printer’s setting to Portrait mode will not have any effect on the orientation since it has been set internally within Toolkit. You can only change the page orientation of the Cover Page in Toolkit. This can be done from the Print window.

Changing Printers

  • Concept Toolkit uses the default printer that has been set in Devices and Printers in the Control Panel on your desktop. When you are in Concept Toolkit you can change the printer by clicking on Select Printer on the Main Menu screen.
  • You can only change the printer once during each Concept Toolkit session. To change to another printer after making an initial printer change, you need to exit and restart Concept Toolkit and click on Select Printer again.
  • If the printer you want to use in Concept Toolkit is different from the default printer set in Devices and Printer, you will need to select the printer each time you use Concept Toolkit using the Select Printer function.
  • When you change the printer in Concept Toolkit, the default printer in Devices and Printers is also changed during the current session of Concept Toolkit only. When you exit Concept Toolkit, the default printer is changed back automatically to your original default printer.

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