Printing to PDF in Concept Toolkit

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You can print a calculator or infographic to a PDF file and email it as an attachment.

1. Launch/open Concept Toolkit.
2. Click Select Printer on the Main Menu screen.
3. Select a PDF printer from the list of available printers.
4. Click Set printer


You can only change the printer ONCE during each  Concept Toolkit session. To change to another printer, you need to exit and relaunch Concept Toolkit and click on Select Printer again.

The printer you select in Concept Toolkit will be the default printer for all of your programs as long as you are still working
in Concept Toolkit. Once you exit Concept Toolkit (using the Exit button, not the “X” button in the top corner), your default printer will be automatically be reset as the default.

Click Yes to confirm your printer selection.


Open the screen you want to print and click Print Page.


Click Print.


1. Select the folder you want to save the PDF to using the  Save As window. This window may appear behind the Concept Toolkit screen so look for a flashing icon along the bottom of your desktop. Click on the icon to bring it to the front.
2. You will need to enter a name in the File name box.



1.  Enter a name in the File name box.
2. Click Save.


Open your email program and send the “Financial-Planning-Process.pdf” file as an attachment.

How to Merge Several PDFs into a Single PDF File
You can only save single pages to PDF when you are in Concept Toolkit.

However, after saving several one page PDFs, you can merge them into a single file using other options:

  • Use a free online tool that merges PDFs into one file such as PDF Merge.
  • Use a PDF program with a “Merge files” feature. Your existing PDF program may have this feature.

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