Planning Toolkit 10 Changes

Planning Toolkit 10 Changes in Retirement Module
  • Calculation of OAS clawback
  • Separation of Registered assets into the 3 groups below. Right now, everything is being lumped in together.
    • RRSPs/RRIFs
    • TFSAs
    • Money Purchase Plans/LIFs
  • Ability to add an annual income withdrawal amount to the Non-Registered and TFSA asset pools. Right now, the program automatically calculates how much needs to be withdrawn from the Non-Registered pool, if there are any income shortages that need to be filled. This option will let advisors select the amount they want to withdraw.
  • Save scenarios. Will let advisors save multiple retirement scenarios for the same client.
  • Report building within the Retirement module. Will let advisors print off Retirement scenarios, including any Supporting tables. Currently, Supporting tables have to be printed off one at a time. The new feature will let advisors include them in the report.
  • Easier way to preview the Supporting tables.
  • Clearer presentation of Results on Summary page, similar to the Summary page in Concept Toolkit where a single capital amount needed for retirement is shown.