Read about what our clients are saying.
“Planning Toolkit helps me serve my clients needs better. It’s easy to use and client friendly!”
Donna Worthington CFP ~ Investment Planning Counsel
“Planning/Concept Toolkit is a very versatile financial planning software and presentation package. I have been using Ativa’s software for more than 5 years and this current version is both comprehensive and time saving.”
Leonard Bick MBA CFP ~ Investment Planning Council
“I’ve never used software that is so client and advisor friendly.”
Myles Lariviere, VP Wealth Strategies and Insurance ~ Affinity Credit Union
“I have been an active Concept Toolkit user for several years and have found the vast majority of easy to follow presentation material extremely helpful in a wide variety of prospect and client presentations. It continues to remain high on my recommendation list to any adviser wishing to educate a person on the various aspects of financial planning in a simplified manner.”
Mark Kotris, CFP,CLU, CH.F.C. ~ FundEX
“Concept Toolkit is the easiest software to navigate through. It’s simple for a non techy, yet comprehensive with regards to financial content. I refuse to use any other software.”
Dave Somerville, CFP ~ Capital Wealth Management
“We use Concept Toolkit in every client presentation and proposal. If a picture is worth a 1,000 words, then Toolkit’s pictures with an explanation are invaluable.”
Wayne Stephenson, CFP ~ Manulife Securities
“Concept ToolKit’s graphic illustrations make financial strategies easy to understand, motivating clients to take immediate action.”
Jeffrey P. Chin, CFP, R.F.P. ~ Money Strategies Financial
“Concept Toolkit is a great visual tool. I use it a lot with my clients to facilitate my explaining and their understanding of financial planning concepts that are important to them for reaching their financial objectives. I also use Planning Toolkit to provide my clients with very professional looking reports. The positive feedback I receive from my clients on the reports indicate to me that both tools are very effective.”
Claude Bertrand, CFP ~ Desjardins Financial Services