Advisor Profiles – Enterprise Version

Helping Advisors Communicate Value to their Clients

Value Builder is an online app that lets advisors build custom, compliant Value Profiles for clients and prospects. By simply dragging and dropping, advisors can easily summarize the services they provide in a CRM2 environment and beyond.

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Value Builder Drag and DropCompliant Content
You decide on the Value content advisors can choose from. This feature with the addition of your logo and disclaimer, provides flexibility and ensures compliance and brand management.

Designed for Ease of Use
By dragging and dropping, advisors can create beautiful, professional Value Profiles that clearly illustrate the valuable services they provide.

Powerful Sharing Tools
Sharing is easy. Simply print, email or share online. Value Builder is fully responsive, so advisor value profiles will look spectacular on all platforms.


Now, more than ever in this CRM2 environment, it is crucial that advisors clearly communicate the wide range of complex and valuable services to their clients. Value Builder is a powerful tool for advisors to illustrate all they do to ensure they retain their clients and build new relationships.

Building a Value Profile with Value Builder

  • Advisors can clearly communicate the range of services they provide to their clients in a CRM2 environment and well beyond.
  • All content is pre-approved to ensure compliance and brand management.
  • Value Builder is so easy to use. By simply dragging and dropping, advisors can create profiles in minutes.
  • Value Builder helps advisors provide clients with clear and visual outline of their value.
  • Your profiles can be saved as PDFs, and shared via print, email or online.
  • The Value Profiles will look amazing on mobile devices, as well as desktops/laptops.

Cost of Losing Clients calculator

It’s time to talk directly to clients about the value advisors provide and the costs that are associated. This discussion will give advisors the ability to strengthen their relationships and cultivate new ones. The calculator shows the annual cost of losing a client using trailer fees only.