About Ativa

Ativa tools are not just about Financial Planning

Since 1996, Ativa Interactive has been developing software, website content, financial calculators and infographics for financial advisors, professionals, associations and corporations. Our mission is to consistently deliver effective, practical, easy-to-use, visual tools.

Operating on the premise that professionals shouldn’t have to be technology experts, all Ativa resources support professionals by providing powerful tools to help them analyze, explain and offer historical context to communicate their story across many industries and sectors.

Our Story

penIt all began by sketching the same diagrams over and over in a note pad.

We noticed colleagues were doing the same thing – explaining concepts to clients in meetings, using a pencil and paper – triangles, arrows, graphs, numbers.

So we thought, what if these professionals already had these concepts illustrated and neatly organized in a library of financial topics? These concepts could be used over and over again with clients one-on-one or in groups. Providing for interactivity would allow people to see the impact of their own data and information.

We believed that we could make it easier for professionals to explain these concepts to their clients through illustrations and calculators.

With this in mind, Concept Toolkit software was launched in 1997. Building upon our practical software foundation Ativa then introduced Planning Toolkit, needs analysis software. In 2020, both programs were migrated to FreshPlan Online, a web based tool. FreshPlan provides advisors with a powerful, intuitive financial planning software bundle to help them plan for their clients.

Plus, we made the software really easy to use!

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