About US


Since 1996, Ativa Interactive Corporation has been developing software, financial calculators and infographics for financial advisors, professionals, and corporations.

Supporting Canadian financial service professionals by providing convenient tools to help them analyze, explain and offer historical context to reinforce financial recommendations to clients and prospects.


Providing professionals with powerful tools to help them analyze, explain and offer historical context to clients.


Our Mission

To consistently deliver effective, practical, easy-to-use, visual tools.


Calculate, educate and create financial plans in minutes instead of hours using visual planners, calculators and infographics that clients and prospects will understand.


Operating on the premise that individuals shouldn’t have to be technology experts, we design tools so financial professionals can spend more time with clients and less time learning software.


Intuitive tools allow professionals to communicate complex financial calculations and concepts with visual, easy-to-understand output.


Our Story

Sketching diagrams in meetings seemed to help clients understand complex concepts. We noticed our financial services colleagues were doing the same thing – scribbling triangles, arrows, graphs, numbers.

It is important for clients to understand financial planning elements to make informed decisions about their financial well-being. Dynamic calculators and infographics provide advisors with the tools to communicate concepts clearer.

With this in mind, Concept Toolkit software was launched in 1997. Building upon our practical software foundation Ativa then introduced needs analysis software, Planning Toolkit. In 2020, both programs were enhanced and migrated to FreshPlan Online.

FreshPlan provides advisors with powerful, intuitive financial planning software to help them calculate complex scenarios, support recommendations with infographics, and create robust financial plans to help their clients.

And, we made the software really easy to use.


It’s more effective for professionals to explain complex concepts to their clients through infographics and calculators they’ll understand.

We provide solutions to grow your business

Engagement and storytelling are at the heart of our approach. We provide web-based interactive, visual, and topical content for all demographics, taking a holistic view of financial planning.


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