Online Calculators

HTML 5 financial calculators are easy-to-use on any device with a browser – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • brand and embed calculators to add interactive tools to your website.
  • complement calculators with infographics to invite clients and prospects to your site
  • calculators are available in English and French
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Choose from our suite of 40 calculators

Financial Planning
Cash Flow
Net Worth
Investor Profile
Pay Yourself First
Pay Down Debt or Invest
Mortgage/Loan Payment

Retirement Planning
Retirement Calculator
Capital Required for Income
Will the Money Last?
CPP Benefits – Take Early or Later?
CPP and OAS Benefits
Inflation & Your Retirement Income
RRIF Payment
LIF Payment
Tale of Two RRSPs

Savings Growth
Savings to Reach Goal
Cost of Waiting
Real Rate of Return
Investment Fees & Returns
Stay Invested
Time to Recover
Stock, Bonds, Cash

RRSP Tax Savings
TFSA vs Taxable Investment
Tax Calculator
Taxes on Investment Income
Final Tax Bite

Life Insurance Needs
Disability Insurance Needs
Critical Illness Insurance Needs

Estate Planning
Estate Planning Checklist
Final Tax Bite
Charitable Donation Calculator
Donate Shares to a Charity
Donate Some Shares, Sell Some
Gifts in Kind, Shares & Other Property

Education Planning
Start Education Planning Now
Tax Benefits of an RESP


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