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$600 / Annual Subscription

(+$300 for optional calculator sharing feature)

Easily calculate, explain and reinforce complex financial concepts with a secure, online app accessible from any browser or device.

FreshPlan combines calculators with powerful infographics to provide advisors with a visual, intuitive, time saving financial planning tool.

FreshPlan Financial Planning software on multi devices

Spend more time with clients and less time learning with FreshPlan financial planning software.

Minute Plans

Powerful, easy-to-use financial planning software


Create robust financial plans in minutes instead of hours using visual planners, calculators and infographics that clients and prospects will understand.


Calculate scenarios across the full spectrum of Financial, Investment, Retirement, Tax, Insurance, Estate and Education Planning.


Communicate complex concepts with vibrant, sharable, easy-to-understand infographics. Share on your website, stay in touch via social media, or complement your financial plans.


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FreshPlan Enterprise

Ensure financial planning engagement with clients is consistent whether your advisors are planning from home or in the office. Reduce the learning curve with visual, easy-to-use modules.

Enterprise Version Features

FreshPlan software allows financial professionals to quickly engage clients with a variety of integrated planning modules and visual infographics. So easy to use it allows advisors to complete a full financial plan in 30 minutes and flexible enough for single needs analysis when a full plan is not needed. Other enterprise features include:


Access anywhere you have Internet, anytime, using any device. FreshPlan software is fully responsive and works seamlessly on your phone, tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop.

Ease of Use

The visual interface and intuitive workflow means advisors are up in running immediately.


FreshPlan security protocols are standardized with a service architecture designed for confidentiality, integrity, and secure availability of your data.

Feature Control

Powerful user profiles offer greater control over content access based on Advisor credentials.

Tracking & Reporting

Extensive usage tracking and reporting allows insight into the frequency, content, and features with which users are accessing.

Unique Content

Adding unique content specific to your enterprise will improve Advisor usage and strengthen your brand. The Single Sign On option makes accessing FreshPlan additionally streamlined.

FRESHPLAN Enterprise

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