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Retirement Planning Calculators

Robust retirement planning calculators allow you to explore various scenarios to help plan and save for the future. Discover if you will have enough capital to sustain you through to retirement. In addition explore more about RRSPs, Spousal RRPS, TFSAs, and LIF, and RRIFs.

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Calculators to help determine “Will the money last?”

Planning for your retirement is complicated.

These interactive calculators will help to determine when to take your CPP Benefits, how much capital you will need now to have a certain income in the future, and how taxes, inflation and rates of returns affect retirement savings.

Whether just starting out, or approaching retirement, it’s never too early to start planning. These online calculators are designed to start the conversation about working toward future goals with a financial professional.

Retirement Planning Calculators

Companion Infographic

Retirement Planning infographics are available on a variety concepts and strategies. Combine calculators and infographic on your website to engage visitors and keep them returning.

Cash Flow and Net Worth infographics


These consumer-facing retirement planning calculators can be embedded in your web site quickly and easily.

Calculators are easy-to-use and fully responsive on any device – phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Full Branding
Calculators can be fully branded according to your branding style guide. You’ll be up and running with a quick turnaround.

English and French
Calculators are available in English and French.