Insurance Calculators

Streamlined insurance calculators walk advisors through each step of analysis for client needs, to assist important conversations about life insurance, disability insurance and critical illness insurance.

Insurance Calculators

Insurance calculators help advisors analyze clients’ need for life, disability and critical illness insurance.

Life insurance can help family deal with the financial impact of a death by paying a tax-free, lump sum amount to beneficiaries at the time of death. Insurance calculators can help assess the kind of living benefits like critical illness insurance and disability insurance you may need to help you meet financial obligations.

Many of these insurance calculators are available in FreshPlan financial planning software and are also client-facing and web-ready.  Estate Planning calculators are also available to complement the financial planning process.

Insurance Calculators

Calculator Features

These interactive financial calculators can be embedded in your web site quickly and easily so you’re up and running in no time.

  • Consumer-facing – engage visitors to your website
  • Fully Responsive– ready for any device
  • Branding – content will blend with your  branding
  • Languages – available in English and French

Companion Infographics

Insurance infographics are available on a variety concepts and strategies. Combine calculators and infographics on your website to engage visitors and keep them returning.

Insurance infographics

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