Backing Up Files in Concept Toolkit

Why Should I Backup?
If you save information in Concept Toolkit by client, you should back up the client data files at least once a week. The frequency of your backups should be proportional to the amount of data you can afford to lose.

Click here to view an infographic on the basics of backing up.

1. Cloud Backup
Backing up data to the cloud means you’re backing up data to a hard drive in a secure data centre via your Internet connection, instead of just to a hard drive or flash drive in your office.
You can use one of the many online backup services to backup your client files. Simply add the “Clients” and “Clients2” folders located inside the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Concept Toolkit 12″ folder to the list of files that you schedule in your regular online backup.

Click here for a review of cloud backup services from PC Magazine.

2. Manual Backup
Follow the steps below to backup your client files in Concept Toolkit to a flash drive in your office.

1. Click Backup on the Main Menu screen.


2. Click the folder icon


3. Select the name of the folder or Flash drive where you want to store your files.


4. Click the Backup button.


5. Click Yes to confirm that you want to backup the files to the selected location.


6. Click OK after the backup has been completed.


7. Click Close to finish your backup.