Moving Concept Toolkit Slides to Powerpoint

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There is no direct Export feature in Concept Toolkit that lets you export slides to Powerpoint.

However, you can take screenshots of slides in Concept Toolkit and import them manually into Powerpoint.

How to Move Concept Toolkit Slides Into PowerPoint

  • Open up Concept Toolkit
  • Open up your screen capture program
  • Go the Concept Toolkit slide you want to use
  • Use the screen capture program to capture a screen shot of the slide. Make sure you use the capture “Region” option which lets you capture only the slide portion of the screen and not the buttons and background.
  • Save the screen shot image to a folder and give it a meaningful name.
  • Repeat for the next slide.
  • Open up PowerPoint.
  • Insert the screen images into PowerPoint slides using the Insert -> Picture -> From File option

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