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More than one user can share the same Planning Toolkit database over a network. This allows your financial planning team to be more productive.

For example, you can have your assistant key in the information for a financial plan at his/her own computer. You can then open the same file from your own computer to review the plan and make any changes or adjustments.

Only one user can access the database at the same time. Multiple users can access the database provided they do so one at a time.

To share the same database over a network:

1. Install Planning Toolkit on one computer.

2. Install Planning Toolkit on a second computer.

3. Copy the “PlanningToolkit.mdb” file (located in the C:\Program Files\Planning Toolkit 9\Data\ directory) to a location on the network (ie/ F:\Shared Files\Client Files\PlanningToolkit.mdb). It doesn’t matter which computer you use to copy the file from.

4. Launch Planning Toolkit on the first computer.

5. Click the Utilities button on the Main Menu screen.


6. Click the Path button in the Database Storage Location section.

7. Connect to the database in the new network location.
> Locate the folder on the network where the database was copied to in Step 3 above.
> Select the “PlanningToolkit.mdb” file.
> Click Open


8. Click Done at the bottom of the Utilities window.


9. You will be asked if you want to connect to the new Planning Toolkit database? Click Yes if you do or click Cancel if you don’t.

Repeat Steps 4 – 9 for the second computer.


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