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    Spend less time managing your software and more time engaging your clients.
    Concept Toolkit | Planning Toolkit | Value Builder

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  • Infographics

    Infographics explain complex concepts visually with style.

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  • Calculators

    Ativa Interactive provides web-based interactives and infographics for all those who are interested in the financial side of life. We provide visual, topical content for many demographics including both HTML 5 and Flash calculators. Click to view all the HTML 5 calculators […]

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Easy-to-use, visual software for financial professionals

Learn which solution is best for you.

Planning Toolkit Financial Planning Software.

Concept & Planning Toolkit Software

Needs analysis software that is easy to use, robust and flexible. Easily calculate, explain and reinforce complex financial concepts.

Concept Toolkit Software

Value Builder Software

The online tool that lets advisors build custom, professional and compliant Value Profiles in just minutes.

HTML and Flash Calculators

Financial Calculators

HTML 5 financial calculators are easy-to-use on any device with a browser – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.


Communicate your Advisor Value. Calculate the Cost of Losing Clients.

Cost of losing clients

Infographics & Quizzes

Easily explain both complex and everyday topics visually.

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