CPP and OAS Benefits

As part of your retirement planning, consider the CPP and OAS retirement benefits as part of the equation. Retirement benefit amounts differ, so try this CPP and OAS Benefits calculator to help determine your much you may receive. The amount you will receive from these benefits will depend on a number of factors including how much you paid into your Canada Pension Plan, how long you lived in Canada and more.


This CPP & OAS table illustrates current and projected CPP and OAS benefits.

The CPP and OAS Benefits calculators takes time and inflation into consideration to project maximum annual benefits and average annual benefits.

Old Age Security (OAS) benefits may be reduced if your income is above a certain threshold. Discover how much your benefit may be clawed back with the OAS Clawback calculator.

CPP and OAS Benefits

Companion Infographic

This CPP and OAS Retirement Benefit companion infographic illustrates what age you are eligible to claim these benefits, what the current maximum amounts are, and other considerations about applying for benefits and taxation.


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