Planning Toolkit Help

User Guide (PDF)

Quick Start

What is Planning Toolkit?
  • Planning Toolkit is a needs analysis financial planning software package with twelve integrated planning modules.
  • A fact finder questionnaire allows you to gather and enter data once. All information distributes into each integrated module.
  • Easy to use it allowing advisors to complete a full financial plan in 30-45 minutes and flexible enough for single needs analysis when a full plan is not needed.


What’s the difference between Concept and Planning Toolkit?
  • Concept Toolkit is a quick calculator and concept illustration tool.
  • Planning Toolkit is a comprehensive financial planning software tool that lets you create full financial plans for clients quickly and easily.
  • Concept Toolkit can be used to complement and enhance your full financial planning software reports. It’s also a great time saver when you need to do a quick calculation for a client or prospect but a full financial plan is not required.



Main Menu Screen
  • Here is quick tour of the Main Menu screen in Planning Toolkit.


Changing Advisor Information
  • You can change the Advisor Name, Title and Company in Planning Toolkit. Not all information can be changed, depending on your software license.
    • If you have an individual software license, you can change your Title and Company but not your Name.
    • If you have a corporate site license, you can change your Name and Title but not your Company.

1. Click Settings on the Main Menu screen.


1. Change the information in the Advisor Name, Advisor Title and Company Name fields.
2. Click Done to close the Settings window.