Seaside Tri-Fold Advisor Brochure

Corporate, clean, tri-fold format that folds into a brochure.
Order your professionally designed, fully customized Advisor Brochure today.

Seaside Tri-Fold Advisor Brochure

Get your customized profile in just 3 steps:

  1. Go to the online Advisor Profile Order form and select your Profile Style and service items.
  2. Your Profile will be created by our designers and a draft will be sent to you for review and compliance approval.
  3. Any changes will be made and the final version of your Advisor Brochure will be sent to you.
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Pricing: $300 per Profile

  • $300 for a single Advisor Profile. One time fee.
  • Quantity pricing is available for Branch/Dealer/MGA/Credit Union orders. Contact us for a quote.

Return on Investment
If the $300 Advisor Profile helps you retain just ONE client with $100,000 in assets, you will save $1,000 in trailer fees (@1%). 

Tri-fold Advisor BrochureAn Advisor Brochure is a professionally created PDF brochure of the services and value you provide to your clients

  • Completely customized with the services you provide
  • Branded with your logo, photo, biography and contact information
  • PDF format may be shared with clients online or via print
  • Easy to order – simply fill out the  online form and let our graphics designer take care of the rest
  • Quick delivery – get your Profile in 2 business days (subject to timely compliance approval)

How the Profile Helps Your Practice:

Increase client retention by:

  • Managing conversations when discussing fees and the services you provide.
  • Telling your clients about services they may not know about.
  • Re-introducing your Advisor Profile annually to remind them about the services you provide.
  • Find new clients by using it as a prospecting tool.

Got a question? Email us or call 905-648-3221.

Need More Customization?
We’re happy to build a fully custom Advisor Profile to reflect your individual brand. If you need specific branding,  contact us for a quick quote.

Advisor Profiles – Corporate Referral Program
A turnkey program that lets your advisors create custom Value Profiles using compliant and branded profile templates with flexible cost-sharing options.

Advisor Profiles – Corporate Referral