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Rule of 72 Calculator

The Rule of 72 calculator is an easy way to estimate how long it will take your investment to double in value. Consideration is given to time and rate of return to calculate the results.


Compare up to three rates of return to calculate your results.

Rule of 72 Calculator

The calculation estimating how long it will take to double your investment deals with two major components.


When it comes to investing, the biggest cost you will face is the cost of waiting to invest. Time is the biggest factor in compounding wealth so the sooner you start to saving, the less you will need to invest later. While there are many reasons people put off investing, the best time to invest is now. With a focus on the long term, it’s important to stay invested.

Rate of Return

Keeping your money in only interest-bearing investments such as bank accounts and term deposits may keep your money safe from market volatility, but it may also increase your risk of not having enough money for your financial goals. Once adjusted for taxes and inflation, investing in lower guaranteed rates of return, can have a negative impact on your portfolio. It’s important to consider your risk tolerance in relation to investing and learn about diversifying to reduce risk.

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Rule of 72 Calculator

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Comprehensive financial planning involves six steps. The Planning for Success infographic highlights how working with a financial professional helps to guide you through each step on the road to financial success.

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