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Disability Insurance Infographic

The disability insurance infographic illustrates why it’s important to protect your family if you are suddenly unable to work.

Disability Insurance infographic on a desk

Disability insurance and life insurance play an important role in a comprehensive financial plan.

In Canada, nearly one quarter of working-age adults had a disability in 2022.

Disability insurance replaces a portion of your income up to a maximum amount, for a specified time if you, temporarily can’t work, or are permanently disabled due to an injury or illness.

Planning for how you would maintain your lifestyle now and into the future is explored in the disability insurance infographic and considers how to manage daily living and debts and the the impact it may have on your family.

It is important to determine if you have some benefits at your workplace. Or, if you are self-employed, you will need to determine if your current investments offer enough income without having a significant impact on future savings.

Determining the right disability insurance coverage for your needs is an essential part of your overall financial plan. It’s important to clearly understand the terms and conditions of your policy.

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