Debt Repayment Calculator

The Debt Repayment calculator demonstrates the power of strategic debt repayment. Choose between the Snowball and Avalanche methods, and compare them to a “no strategy” approach.

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Calculate how to pay off debts sooner with less interest.

Different approaches to paying down debt.

The Debt Repayment calculator explores different strategies to manage your debt including the Snowball and Avalanche methods.

Snowball Method

While making the minimum payment on all debt, the Snowball method encourages paying as possible toward the smallest balance each month until it’s paid off. Then, repeat the process on the next smallest balance.

Avalanche Method

Alternatively, another strategy called the Avalanche method, approaches debt by making the minimum payment on all debt, while also paying down as much as possible toward the balance with the highest interest rate. This approach is generally less expensive, as you tackle the highest interest rate debt first.

Time and Interest Savings
The Debt Repayment calculator generates personalized plans, showing potential time and interest savings, empowering clients to make informed decisions for a faster path to financial freedom. This calculator is also included in FreshPlan software.

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Debt Repayment Calculator

Companion Infographic

The Paying Down Debt infographic illustrates how paying off debt or minimizing credit balances can be approached in different ways. Choosing the right strategy will depend on the amount of debt, as well as what it takes to stay motivated. It’s a perfect companion for the Debt Repayment calculator.

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