Advisor Profiles – Corporate Referral Program

Boost Your Client Retention and Prospect for New Clients with an Advisor Profile 
“An Advisor Profile is a quick, visual way to tell your clients about the valuable services that you provide them. It will help you keep them as clients and help you find new ones.”

Provide your advisors with this powerful tool to communicate the value of their services to clients and prospects at zero to minimal cost to you (corporate).

Sample Advisor Profiles

"Rexdale" Advisor Profile from Ativa Interactive

"Sommerfield" Advisor Profile from Ativa Interactive"Bauer" Advisor Profile from Ativa Interactive

How it works:

  1. We work with your compliance/marketing departments to create three Advisor Profile templates that are fully branded with your logo, fonts, colour scheme, call to action and disclaimer.
  2. You add a link on your advisor portal to an on-line order form (view sample) where advisors choose and customize their Advisor Profile.
  3. Our graphics designer creates the Profile and sends the advisor a draft for review and compliance approval.
  4. We will make any changes and send the final version of the Profile to the advisor.
  5. Ativa bills the advisor or your firm, depending on the cost sharing arrangement.

Cost-Sharing Options
Whether your organization wants to fully fund your advisors’ profiles, share the cost or have the advisors pay the full cost, the Corporate Referral Program is a great tool.

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Enterprise Version
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