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Investment Holding Periods Infographic

The Investment Holding Periods infographic illustrates how different portfolio combinations perform over time. Designed to help start the conversation about risk and return, the infographic speaks to the best, worst and average returns.

Using historical data, discover the best, worst and average returns of investment portfolio types over time.

The best, worst and average returns are explored through the Investment Holding Periods infographic with consideration to a variety of portfolios ranging from very conservative to very aggressive. Using a historical perspective, the time frames include one year up to thirty years from 1944 to 2022. Each of the portfolios were rebalanced to their original allocation every twelve months. Stocks are represented by the S&P/TSX Total Return Index. Bond returns are from the Canada 10 Year Total Return Government Bonds, and Cash is represented by the Canada Total Returns TBill Index.

This is a starting place for the important relationship advisors build with their clients and works well with the Financial Planning Process infographic.

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Infographic Features

Communicate Complex Concepts
Financial Infographics are an effective way to take complex ideas, filled with data and facts and simplifying the story using with visuals. When clients and prospects gain insights quickly, the content is more memorable.

Current & Shareable
Manage your client communications with current and timely vibrant infographics to share on social media, via email, in meetings or mailings.

Infographics are personalized with the advisor name, contact information and company logo.

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