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Insurance Planning Infographics

These Insurance Planning infographics illustrate the many insurance options to best to protect you and your family. Determining the right insurance coverage is an important decision. Proper planning will help to ensure that survivors have enough money to pay off debts, pay the daily bills and ensure there are enough funds to live on.

Insurance Planning Infographics

Life insurance and living benefits all play an important role in a comprehensive financial plan.

These Insurance Planning infographics are included in FreshPlan software and are also combined into a single web-based piece. Personal Insurance infographics help to explain the following complex insurance concepts:

Insurance Planning Infographic ~ How Much is Enough?
Determining how much life insurance will be enough to pay off debts and manage expenses is a complicated calculation and one that may change over time.

Personal Insurance Infographic – Choosing the Right Protection
Between life insurance and living benefits, choosing the the right protection is an important one.

Disability Insurance Infographic
Disability insurance pays a benefit to cover lost wages upon an accident or injury.

Critical Illness Insurance Infographic
Critical illness insurance pays a benefit when the insured is diagnosed with a life-altering illness.

Also, consider whether Term Insurance or Mortgage Insurance is the right option for you.

These infographic are included in FreshPlan software and are also available as a print-ready or web-ready pieces.

Companion Calculator

Insurance calculators help advisors analyze clients’ need for life, disability and critical illness insurance. Companion calculators include:

Infographic Features

Communicate Complex Concepts
Financial Infographics are an effective way to take complex ideas, filled with data and facts and simplifying the story using with visuals. When clients and prospects gain insights quickly, the content is more memorable.

Current & Shareable
Manage your client communications with current and timely vibrant infographics to share on social media, via email, in meetings or mailings.

Infographics are personalized with the advisor name, contact information and company logo.

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