One of the costs of owning a mutual fund is the management expense ratio (MER). The MER is the total cost of running the investment and can have a real impact on your overall rate of return and is often misunderstood by the average investor.

This infographic illustrates how an MER is calculated, what costs are associated with it and the impact it can have on an investment. Advisors use this piece to encourage transparency when talking about fees with their clients.

Click here to view the interactive version of this infographic that lets you calculate and compare the impact of different MERs on the growth of your investments.

We wanted to create an easy to understand piece that would explain visually a very complicated element of investing. When we spoke with our financial planning software clients, we discovered that their clients know little about MERs and feel they are costly and unnecessary. We wanted to take the mystification away and deliver just the facts so individual investors could understand the value associated with these costs.

Infographic Specifications:

  • Available to personalize for individual Advisors
  • Web-ready format
  • Available for full corporate branding

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Management Expense Ratio Infographic

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