Ontario Medical Association Insurance recently went through a major rebranding initiative. Where their focus previously was about selling products, their new goal is to be the insurance advocate that provides the most objective advice and protection throughout a physician’s career.

They wanted to try a visual approach to thought leadership highlighting trends and topics and approached us to help them with infographics to support their initiative.

OMA Insurance Infographic

OMA Insurance provided us with an article of what they wanted to illustrate visually. In addition, we received their logo, CSS (with preferences), sizing, and formatting. We were referred to their newly re-designed website which captured a definite spirit and tone and we were able to glean the style of the infographic from that.

We worked collaboratively with the coordinator to ensure branding guidelines were adhered to and designed a finished infographic that complemented their brand. Changes were made after consulting with their compliance and IT departments and the final infographic was approved. An additional teaser was provided for ease of social sharing.

Social Sharing
This infographic came with a companion FaceBook sharing teaser.

OMA Insurance Teaser