TFSA: Spend or Invest

In January each year, many Canadians are thinking about investing, often in their RRSPs. We created this infographic to help start a conversation about  investing in tax free savings accounts. This infographic also has a companion calculator.

The contribution limits on TFSAs are not that high, compared to individual RRSPs. Many individuals may use $6,000 to spend on the annual vacation or the large screen television instead of investing it in a TFSA. We wanted to illustrate just how meaningful a one-year maximum TFSA contribution could be at retirement, taking into consideration compounding tax free growth and seeking the help of their financial advisor.

It was striking what our research revealed.

Infographic Specifications:

  • Available to personalize for individual Advisors
  • Web-ready format
  • Available for full corporate branding

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RRSP Spend or Invest