Tax Tips Infographic

Taxes can be confusing, and the CRA tax rules continue to change. This Tax Tips infographic is updated annually and outlines deductions and credits to help ensure your clients are claiming all they are allowed to help lessen their tax bill.

Tax Tips infographic on a desk

Search for relevant Canadian tax credits and deductions.

Whether you are a home owner, a caregiver, a student or a business owner, you may be eligible to claim a number of credits and/or deductions to help you pay less tax this year.

This updated Tax Tips infographic is packed with over 30 tips, making this two-page reference is a perfect piece to share with clients as they start planning for tax preparation.

Companion Calculator

Tax planning is an essential part of an individual holistic financial plan. Companion calculators include:

Infographic Features

Communicate Complex Concepts
Financial Infographics are an effective way to take complex ideas, filled with data and facts and simplifying the story using with visuals. When clients and prospects gain insights quickly, the content is more memorable.

Current & Shareable
Manage your client communications with current and timely vibrant infographics to share on social media, via email, in meetings or mailings.

Infographics are personalized with the advisor name, contact information and company logo.

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