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Des épargnes pour atteindre un objectif

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Future Value – Compare 2 Portfolio...

Back to Help This calculator is found in the Financial Planning section of Concept Toolkit. It lets you create two portfolios made up of stocks, bonds and cash and compare the growth over time based on the rates of return you enter. Where to find the calculator: Click Financial Planning at the top of the Concept Toolkit screen Click…

Estate Planning Checklist

Critical Illness Insurance Calculator

Importance of Estate Planning

By making estate planning a priority, you will have critical documents in place that articulates your wishes, and also provides much needed comfort to you and your loved ones.  

Tax Tips for 2017

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Investor Profile


Long Term Investing Gallery

Back to Screenshot Gallery Menu Concept Toolkit has a great selection of calculators and infographics that show the importance of long term investing using historical data going back 70 years. Move your mouse over the screen shot below and click on the “<” and “>” arrows to view the gallery. [huge_it_slider id=”5″] The print-out for each calculator and…

Commencez la planification des études

Utilisez ce calculateur pour voir la croissance que vous manquerez si vous attendez d’investir dans un REEE.

Avantages fiscaux d’un REEE

Utilisez ce calculateur pour voir les avantages fiscaux résultant de l’investissement dans un Régime enregistré d’épargne-études (REEE).

Custom Calculator – Auto Loan

This fully responsive HTML5 Auto Loan Calculator was created for a client.

Custom Calculator – Rent vs Buy

Custom Rent vs Buy Calculator was created for a client.