CPP and OAS Infographic

Explore eligibility, current maximums, taxation and more considerations about applying for benefits.


When to Take Your CPP Infographic

Highlights of considerations to help you decide when to take your Canada Pension Plan.

Value of Advice infographics

Value of Advice Infographic

Explore how investors benefit from working with a financial professional.

Tax and Investment Income infographic

Taxes and Investment Income Infographic

Discover the impact of taxation on various income producing investments.

Marginal Tax Rates Infographics

Marginal Tax Rates Guide

Discover tax rates taking all federal and provincial taxes, surtaxes and the basic personal tax credit into account.

Segregated Fund Infographic

Segregated Funds Infographic

Individuals can combine investment capital appreciation along with life insurance benefits.

Credit Score Infographic

Credit Score Infographic

Discover the factors involved in determining your credit score, and why a good score is important.


TFSA Infographic

Explore contribution limits, eligibility, tax deductibility on investments and timing and tax on withdrawals.


TFSA Contribution Limit

Calculate how much you can contribute, tax-free, to your TFSA


Mortgage Affordability Calculator

The Mortgage Affordability Calculator helps to determine how much you can afford to borrow to buy a home, based on income and expenses.


Blended Mortgage Calculator

The blended mortgage calculator determines a new rate and terms of refinancing your mortgage without breaking your current mortgage.

Mortgage and Term Insurance Infographic

Mortgage or Term Insurance Infographic

It’s important to consider protecting your home investment with mortgage or term insurance.