First Home Savings Account Calculator

Discover how much you can save towards the purchase of your first home by investing in a FHSA with the First Home Savings Account calculator.


Discover more about how this Canadian registered plan works.

A first home savings account is a Canadian registered plan which allows you, if you are a first-time home buyer, to save to buy or build a qualifying first home tax-free, up to certain limits.

The First Home Savings Account calculators compares two scenarios and considers the current value of your FHSA, how often you plan to contribute, for how many years and the rate of return.


With an annual tax-deductible contribution limit of $8,000, you can save up to a maximum down payment of $40,000 towards the purchase of a new home.

Combine Plans to Save More

First Home Savings Account can be used together with the Home Buyers’ Plan. Combine the two savings plans to purchase the same qualifying home.

First Home Savings Account Calculator

Companion Infographic

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