Life Insurance Needs Calculator

This Life Insurance Needs Calculator helps determine the amount of coverage you may need to protect your family in case of death. Calculating how much insurance to carry can be complicated, especially when your needs can change. It is important to periodically review your coverage.

Life Insurance Calculator

Life insurance is one of the best ways to protect your family’s financial security.

Determining the right insurance coverage for your needs is an important decision. Proper planning will help ensure that your survivors have enough money to pay off debts, pay daily bills and ensure there are enough funds to live on.

Insurance calculators help to analyze the need for life, disability and critical illness insurance. Companion calculators include:

Disability Insurance Needs
Critical Illness Insurance Needs

Life Insurance Needs Calculator

Companion Infographic

The personal insurance infographic illustrate considerations for determining the amount of insurance coverage you may need. In addition, they look at the different kinds of personal insurance that may be best for your situation. Combine calculators and infographic on your website to engage visitors.

Insurance infographics


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