Rate of Return Odds

This Rate of Return Odds calculator allows you to select a type of portfolio and a time period. Using historical data, you’ll discover the odds of reaching your target rate of return for your holding period.

rate of return odds calculator

Discover how different investment portfolios and holding periods affect the odds of reaching a target rate of return.

Best, worst and average returns are annual compound rates of return for various holding periods and portfolio combinations from 1947 to 2021 inclusive. Portfolios in the calculation were rebalanced to their original allocation every twelve months. Stocks are represented by the S&P/TSX Total Return Index, bonds by the Canada 10 Year Total Return Government Bond Index and cash by the Canada Total Returns TBill Index. 

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Rate of Return Odds

Companion Infographic

This companion Holding Periods and Volatility infographic illustrates the impact time has on volatility and how longer holding periods reduce the range of best and worst returns on stocks. This infographic works well as a companion piece with this calculator.

Holding Periods and Volatility Infographic


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