Rule of 72 Calculator

The Rule of 72 calculator is a quick way to estimate how long it will take your investment to double in value.


Investment Holding Periods Infographic

Investment Holding Periods Infographic The Investment Holding Periods infographic illustrates how different portfolio combinations perform over time. Designed to help start the conversation about risk and return, the infographic speaks to the best, worst and average returns. Using historical data, discover the best, worst and average returns of investment portfolio types over time. The best,...

Income Splitting Calculator

Calculate how income splitting can reduce your overall tax bill


Insure Your Earnings Calculator

Compare the value of your future earning power to the value of your other assets.


Commuted Value Calculator

Compare taking the commuted value of your defined benefit pension to taking a lifetime pension.


Education Planning Calculator

Calculate how much you’ll need to save for post-secondary education.

Guide to Annuities infographic displayed on laptop

Annuities Infographic

Annuities are uniquely designed to provide a steady cash flow for people during their retirement years.


Line of Credit Calculator

Calculate your line of credit or loan payments.


Formula for Wealth Calculator

Calculate how achieving financial goals involves tradeoffs between target goal, time, and rate of return.


Mortgage Cash Back Calculator

Compare a mortgage with a lower interest rate or one with a higher rate and a cash back offer.


OAS Clawback Calculator

Discover how much your Canadian Old Age Security benefits may be reduced with this OAS Clawback Calculator.


CPP and OAS Infographic

Explore eligibility, current maximums, taxation and more considerations about applying for benefits.