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Blended Mortgage Calculator

A blended mortgage is a way of refinancing your mortgage without breaking your current mortgage and paying a penalty. The blended mortgage calculator will help determine the new rate and terms when you combine the interest rate from a current mortgage with the rate from a new mortgage. The blend and extend mortgage has a new interest rate and extends the term of your mortgage.


The new blended mortgage interest rate will be somewhere between the interest rate on your current mortgage and the rate on the new mortgage.

Blend and Extend Mortgage

This calculator considers the current mortgage amount and interest rate, along with the new mortgage term and interest rate to determine the blended rate and amount. Additional mortgage calculators are available including:

Blended Mortgage Calculator

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For most Canadians, their home will likely be the biggest purchase they’ll ever make. That’s why it’s so important to protect their investment with products like mortgage insurance and term insurance.

Many lenders will offer to sell mortgage insurance (life insurance on the mortgage) right at the time of settling on the mortgage. While this is convenient, term life insurance is another option to help ensure the mortgage is paid off. It’s a good idea consider which type of protection is the best fit.


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