Retirement Readiness infographic on a desk.

Retirement Readiness Infographic

Discover important financial planning considerations for any stage of planning for early retirement.

Early Retirement Packages infographic on a desk

Early Retirement Packages Infographic

There are many things to consider before making any decision about an early retirement package.

Cash Wedge Strategy infographic on a desk

Cash Wedge Strategy

The cash wedge strategy helps protect your retirement income in times of volatility.

Disability Insurance infographic on a desk

Disability Insurance Infographic

Protection for your family if you become unable to work.

Life Insurance infographic on a desktop

Life Insurance Infographic

Determining the right life insurance coverage for your needs is an important decision.

RRSP Infographic with items on a desk

RRSP Infographic

A helpful resource and an effective piece to share with clients to explore saving and future goals.

Registered Plan Limits infographic on a desk

Registered Plan Limits

This Registered Plan Limits Infographic is a convenient guide for the 2024 contribution limits of various registered plans.

Year End Planning infographic

Year End Planning Infographic

Since many year end planning opportunities have firm deadlines, acting now can help your clients ensure they have time to prepare.


Investment Holding Periods Infographic

Using historical data, discover the best, worst and average returns of investment portfolio types over time.

Guide to Annuities infographic displayed on laptop

Annuities Infographic

Annuities are uniquely designed to provide a steady cash flow for people during their retirement years.

CPP & OAS infographic on a desk

CPP and OAS Infographic

Explore eligibility, current maximums, taxation and more considerations about applying for benefits.

When to take your CPP infographic on a desk.

When to Take Your CPP Infographic

Highlights of considerations to help you decide when to take your Canada Pension Plan.