Risk of Not Taking a Risk

There has been a lot of discussion about inflation as the Canadian rate has climbed. The Risk of Not Taking a Risk calculator illustrates how inflation can wear away at your investments resulting in a much lower rate of return.


This calculator illustrates how investing in lower guaranteed rates of return, can have a negative impact on your portfolio, once adjusted for taxes and inflation.

Whether retired or just starting out, your clients may be concerned about the impact of inflation on their financial plan. This Risk of Not Taking a Rick calculator is a powerful starting point about risk and return.

A financial plan is a powerful tool to help understand how inflation impacts your ability to achieve your goals. Discover related calculators including:

Risk of Not Taking a Risk

Companion Infographic

When inflation goes up it generally costs us more to purchase goods and services like gas, groceries and taxes. It also has an affect on financial planning and returns. This inflation and financial planning infographic highlights what inflation is, how to manage debt and cash flow, and financial planning considerations to plan for uncertainty.

Inflation and Financial Planning infographic


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