Diversify and Protect Calculator

The Diversify and Protect calculator is an essential tool for investors looking to build resilient portfolios capable of withstanding market volatility. This calculator demonstrates the importance of diversification by illustrating how a well-balanced portfolio can mitigate risk associated with individual investments. By spreading investments across different asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and cash, investors can potentially reduce overall portfolio volatility and enhance long-term stability.

Diversify and Protect

Discover how diversification can reduce the impact of a market decline on your portfolio.

Diversification is based on the principle that different types of assets behave differently under various economic conditions. For example, during periods of economic growth, stocks may perform well while bonds provide stability during market downturns. This Diversify and Protect calculator illustrated how by holding a diversified portfolio, investors can smooth out fluctuations in returns and position themselves to capitalize on opportunities across different market cycles. This strategy not only helps protect against unforeseen market shocks but also improves the likelihood of achieving consistent and sustainable investment returns over time.

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Diversify and Protect Calculator

Calculators are available in English and French. 

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Incorporating the Diversify and Protect calculator into investment planning allows investors to visualize the potential benefits of diversification and tailor their portfolios accordingly. By assessing the correlations between different asset classes and adjusting allocations based on risk tolerance and investment goals, individuals can optimize their portfolios for resilience and growth. Ultimately, adopting a diversified approach to investing empowers investors to navigate market uncertainties with confidence, ensuring their portfolios are well-positioned to achieve their financial objectives in both favourable and challenging market conditions.

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Companion Infographic

This FreshPlan infographic highlights the benefits of focussing on the long term, diversifying to reduce risk, and the importance of reviewing your plan. A financial professional is there to help clients avoid making rash decisions and to guide them during all market conditions.

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