Stay Invested Calculator

Using historical data, this Stay Invested calculator illustrates how missing the best performing months in the stock market impacts investment growth. Buy low and sell high is the rule of investing, but it’s one that many long-term investors have difficulty with during periods of market volatility.


Calculate how missing the best performing months in the stock market can affect investment growth.

While short-term downturns occur in the markets, historically, the long term trend has been firmly upward. 

Historical perspective calculators help to provide insight into how a security or market has reacted to a variety of different variables. Companion calculators include:

Time to Recover
Stocks and Holding Periods
Diversify and Protect
Stock, Bonds and Cash

Stay Invested Calculator

Companion Infographic

This FreshPlan infographic highlights the benefits of focussing on the long term, diversifying to reduce risk, and the importance of reviewing your plan. This infographic is also available print and web-ready.

Stay the Course infographic


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