Real Rates of Return Calculator

Keeping investments solely in interest-bearing vehicles like bank accounts and term deposits might seem secure against market volatility, but it can also pose a significant risk of falling short of long-term financial goals. The Real Rates of Return calculator plays a pivotal role in helping investors and advisors assess the true impact of taxes and inflation on investment returns.

Real Rates of Return

Use this Real Rates of Return calculator to see how taxes and inflation affect your investments.

By factoring in these crucial variables, the Real Rates of Return calculator provides a realistic depiction of how purchasing power can erode over time, potentially leading to negative real returns. This insight is essential for individuals seeking to optimize their investment strategies and achieve meaningful growth that outpaces inflation and taxes.

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Understanding the implications of real rates of return is critical for building wealth and achieving financial security. While interest-bearing investments provide stability, they may not sufficiently grow wealth to meet future financial needs. The Real Rates of Return calculator facilitates a comprehensive analysis that underscores the importance of balancing risk and reward in investment planning.

Real Rates of Return Calculator

Calculators are available in English and French. 

Real Rates of Return Considerations

Advisors who integrate the Real Rates of Return calculator into their website empower clients with essential financial insights. This tool allows clients to visualize the effects of inflation and taxes on their investment portfolios, enabling informed decisions about asset allocation and risk management. By illustrating the potential drawbacks of solely relying on low-yield investments, advisors can guide clients towards diversifying their portfolios with assets that offer the potential for higher real rates of return over the long term. This strategic approach not only enhances portfolio resilience but also aligns investment decisions with clients’ financial objectives and risk tolerance.

By leveraging this tool, advisors and clients can collaborate on strategies that aim to preserve purchasing power, mitigate inflationary risks, and ultimately support clients in achieving their long-term financial goals with confidence.

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Companion Infographic

This FreshPlan Inflation and Financial Planning infographic illustrates the importance of planning for uncertainty. When inflation goes up it generally costs us more to purchase goods and services like gas, groceries and taxes. It also has an affect on financial planning and returns. This infographics is available in FreshPlan.

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