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Present Value

Present Value Calculator

Calculate the present value of a certain amount of money in the future.

Diversify and Protect

Diversify and Protect Calculator

Discover how diversification can reduce the impact of a market decline on your portfolio.

Money Facts infographics on a desk

Money Facts Infographic

From 2024 registered contribution limits to benefit amounts and tax rates, Money Facts infographics serve as a helpful reference all year.

Planning for Success Infographic

Financial Planning Process

Your personal financial plan should involve the six steps outlined in the following infographic.


Net Worth Statement Infographic

This Net Worth Statement infographic highlights the components and outlines the benefits of having one.


Planning with the new Canada child benef...

ARCHIVES. As the first cheques have gone out already, summer is a great time to talk to clients about the Canada child benefit.

Net Worth

Net Worth Calculator

Your Net Worth is your reference point on your financial road map.

Cash Flow Calculator

Cash Flow Calculator

This cash flow calculator helps to to track household income and expenses.

Real Rates of Return

Real Rates of Return

Use this calculator to see how taxes and inflation affect the real rate of return of your investments.

Savings Growth Calculator

Savings Growth Calculator

This calculator will help you compare different savings scenarios to discover the future value of investment.

Extend Your Social Media Research

Archived: Social media continues to be a powerful tool to help you establish your personal and professional brand. Explore how you can best leverage these platforms.

Working with NexGen Clients

So it’s important to understand the differences and needs of different generations. Learn more bout working with NexGen clients.

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