Rule of 72 Calculator

The Rule of 72 calculator is a quick way to estimate how long it will take your investment to double in value.


Formula for Wealth Calculator

Calculate how achieving financial goals involves tradeoffs between target goal, time, and rate of return.


TFSA Contribution Limit

Calculate how much you can contribute, tax-free, to your TFSA


Magic of Compounding Calculator

Discover how the magic compounding creates rapid investment growth over time to help save for future goals.


Risk of Not Taking a Risk

Discover how real growth in some investments may not be enough to meet your financial needs.

rate of return odds calculator

Rate of Return Odds

Discover how different investment portfolios and holding periods affect the odds of reaching a target rate of return.

GIC Laddering

GIC Laddering Calculator

GIC laddering is an investment strategy of investing in GICs with the highest rate available, but staggering the maturity dates.


Investment Withdrawal Calculator

Calculate how long an investment will last when you make regular withdrawals.

Holding Periods calculator

Stocks and Holding Periods

Discover how longer holding periods reduce the range of best and worst returns on stocks using data from 1947 to 2021.

Diversify and Protect

Diversify and Protect Calculator

Discover how diversification can reduce the impact of a market decline on your portfolio.


Stock Bonds Cash Calculator

With the benefit of historical returns, compare how the three main asset classes have performed over time.

Market Recovery Calculator

Time to Recover Calculator

Calculate how long it will take your portfolio to recover from a market downturn.

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